Import template style

Here Below are steps on how to import template styles from the template package:

Manual Import

Step 1: Extract the template file

​After you download the template package, please extract the template Zip file. Then you will see all needed template styles included there

Step 2: Import your template styles

  • ​Go to Admin > Extensions > Templates > Styles > duplicate "tz_jollyany - Default"
  • Open the copied style "tz_jollyany - Default (2)" > Rename it and Click on "Template Options"
  • When Astroid Framework appears, click on "Import" button in the left side bar and upload a template style from extracted file

Load Prebuilt Presets​

  • Go to Site template styles > Duplicate the default style (ex: tz_jollyany-Default)
  • Rename the duplicated style: ex: tz_jollyany-Home page
  • Open the new style > Preset Profiles
  • Click to load the preset of the Home Page > then save
You can load the preset of the style you're interested in and assign the style to your pages or you can even create your own template style.
After having imported all template styles, let's start to create your pages