Firstly, you need to make sure TZ Portfolio+ extension already be installed properly and its required addons, including: Content Gallery, Content Video, and Charity addon should be installed as well.

Install required addons

  • Please go to admin > Components > TZ Portfolio+ > Addons > Click Install/Update > Find all the required addons and click "Install" button.

Create Causes articles

  • Go to TZ Portfolio+ > Articles > Add New

  • Add the article's description and featured image in the image tab

This content gallery is supported by the Content gallery addon of TZ Portfolio+, that you installed previously

Below the article's description, you'll see a gallery tab, click on it and select images from your computer and upload them

Add the video to the article

The article video is supported by the Content Video addon of TZ Portfolio+

Just look a bit lower from the Gallery tab, and you'll surely see the Video tab. Click on it, then an option is available to add a video url.

Article's charity options

In each article, you can see the charity options on the right sidebar. Here you're able to configure the donate status, goal money, donate amounts, event's start date and end date.

Manage detailed cause layout

  • Please go to the Layout section of TZ Portfolio+ > elegant - Default > edit the layout

  • You need to add corresponding elements of addons to the layout, then they can display properly on the front-end.

  • In case you don't want the author info, category, intro-text ... to display in the detailed article, you surely can delete them from the layout.

Learn more about the Charity addon's documentation:

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