Mega Menu

You can add modules or sub-menus to each mega menu section of each menu item.

1. Create a module

  • Please go to System > Manage > Site Module > Add New

  • Module type: SP Page Builder or others

  • Create a new section and add the Jollyany addon "UK Articles"

  • Configure UI Articles add-on, you're supposed to choose a resource (Joomla articles), choose a category and set the limit option (the number of articles you want to display)

2. Set up a mega menu

Go to Admin > Menus > Main Menu > Edit a menu item > Navigate to the tab "Astroid Menu Options"

  • Enable Mega Menu

  • Set width: 980px

  • Drop-down: Container

In the mega menu options, click to add a new row > Select a grid layout > Select a module

If there are sub-menus under the parent menu items, you can also drag them to the mega menu easily.

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