Update Template & 3rd Party Extension

Jollyany supports updating Joomla Template and 3rd Party Extension in 1-Click. You need to activate your license to use this feature. If you haven't purchased Jollyany, click here to buy a license and activate the template.
  1. 1.
    Go to Administrator >> Extensions >> Templates >> Style >> Select one of Jollyany templates (ex: tz_jollyany - Default)
  2. 2.
    Click Template Options >> Dashboard Tab >> Demo Content Install

Choose your current template

Choose your current template. Click "Install Package" Button.
Find your template

Update template & 3rd party extensions

Check to "Update template package" if you would like to update your current template or check to "Update require extensions" if you would like to update 3rd party extensions for this template. Do not check "Import site demo content data" unless you would like to reinstall your quickstart.

Finalize the installation process​

Take a coffee and wait for installation processing completed. The congratulation message will appear when the package is fully installed. Click the close button to return Dashboard screen. Close template interface and go to administrator, you will see your extensions were up to date.