First of all, the page should be built with TZ Portfolio+ extension, so you need to make sure this extension has already been installed on your site.

Install required addons

To create an apartment page like our demo, you're supposed to install some addons of TZ Portfolio+ extension. Apart from the Image add-on, you need to have these add-ons installed including Gallery Content, Video Content, and Feature Box.

  • Go to Admin > Components > TZ Portfolio+ > Add-ons section > click on the button "Install / Update" > Install add-ons: Gallery Content, Video Content and Feature Box

Create new articles for apartments

  • Go to Admin > Components > TZ Portfolio+ > Articles section > add New

  • Add the article's content and upload a thumbnail image in the Image tab

  • Configure Feature box, Video content, and Gallery content

Set up the detailed layout for each apartment

Here below is the demo layout of a detailed apartment page with the Elegant Default style. For those addons (Video Content, Gallery Content, and Feature Box) mentioned above, they should be added to the layout, so as to display properly on the front-end.

Create a new menu item

This step is to add a new menu item for the page Apartments so that it will display properly on the main menu.

  • Go to Admin > Menus > Main menu > Add new

  • Menu item type: TZ Portfolio Plus / Portfolio

  • Choose categories: Choose your portfolio category

  • TZ Portfolio+ layout: Select elegant - Default

  • Template style: tz_goldena - Default - Portfolio

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