Template Installation

Good to know: you can download Jollyany on

Download Jollyany

Go to > Your Download page. Please download the package from your download page

Installing Jollyany

The Astroid Framework is automatically installed when you install Jollyany template.
In case manual installation is needed, please unzip package and install it as a normal Joomla extension: Navigate to Extensions → Manage → Upload Packages → Select the Choose File button. Locate the downloaded ZIP and click Upload & Install to begin the installation process.

Install template on Jollyany Cloud

​Jollyany supports update Joomla Template and 3rd Party Extension in 1-Click. You need active your license to use this feature. If you haven't purchased Jollyany, click here to buy a license and activate template.
  1. 1.
    Go to Administrator >> Extensions >> Templates >> Style >> Select one of Jollyany templates (ex: tz_jollyany - Default)
  2. 2.
    Click Template Options >> Dashboard Tab >> Install Template Package