1. Create new articles

  • Please go to admin > Content > Articles > Add new

  • Create your articles for a lifestyle topic

  • Assign your articles to the category "Lifestyle"

2. Create the menu item "Lifestyle"

  • Go to Admin > Menus > Main menu > Add new

  • Menu item type: Articles » Category Blog

  • Choose a category: Choose the Lifestyle category

  • Template style: tz_express - Default

2.1. Configure blog layout

Navigate to the tab "Blog Layout", and you'll be able to configure options including Leading articles, Intro Article, columns, article order, and others. Set each value number of each option or use default settings.

  • Leading articles: the number of featured articles placed on the top of the page

  • Intro Articles: the number of articles will be displayed on the page

  • Columns: the number of columns in which articles will be shown

2.2. Configure Blog Options

Navigate to the tab "Blog Options", and you'll be able to adjust the image position of the lead article, and intro articles. Moreover, you can also configure width options of intro images on different devices (Large desktop, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile).

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