Our Boats

The page was created thanks to TZ portfolio+ extension, so you should make sure this extension is installed on your site with the latest version.

Suggested add-ons:

  • Form Builder

  • Pricing Content

  • Video Content

  • Gallery Content

  • Feature Box

  • Image Gallery

I. Install add-ons

Go to Admin > Components > TZ Portfolio+ > Addons > Click Install & Update > Install the suggested add-ons above.

II. Create portfolio articles

  • Go to TZ Porfolio+ > Articles > Add new

  • Media: Image Gallery

  • Add your content to the content tab and upload images in the Image Gallery tab

III. Form Builder

In the form builder tab,

IV. Boat Pricing

In the Pricing content tab, you should click on the "+" button to add a new price item.

V. Custom Fields

Create a field group and custom fields

  • You should go to TZ Portfolio+ > Custom field group > create a new custom field group

  • Then go to Fields > create new fields

How to display the custom field on the listing page and detailed page

  • When creating a new custom field, you should enable the "List View" and "Detail View" options.

After that, go to Articles > edit your article > Field tab > enter data into fields

Below the content description, you can see the Gallery section to configure Content Gallery

Just drag & drop your boat images or click to add files and wait until they are uploaded successfully. You can also add a caption for each image right below each one.

VII. Content Video

Right below the content gallery is the content video. The addon supports displaying videos from Youtube and Vimeo. You can add the video url to the video url field. There are some options you can enable or disable: Autoplay, loop, mute, auto pause, by line, video title, portrait, control, and so on.

VIII. Layout Builder

The page is assigned to the Elegant style. You should go to TZ POrtfolio+ > Layouts > Open the Elegant - Default > Edit the layout to fit your need.

You're supposed to add add-ons (content gallery, content video, pricing content, extra fields, form builder, and feature) to the layout, so they will display properly in the front-end.

IX. Create A Boats Menu

After all, you should create a new menu item in order to display boats properly in the front-end.

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New

  • Menu type: TZ Portfolio+ / Portfolio

  • Choose your portfolio categories

  • Portfolio layout: Elegant - Default

  • Template style: tz_amanus - default

If you have any questions or encounter problems with this page, feel free to contact us to get assistance.

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