Plazart template comes with 3 ready-made blog layouts: Blog default, Blog list and Blog grid.

1. Create a blog menu

  • Go to Admin > Menus > Add a new menu item

  • Menu item type: Article > Category Blog

  • Choose a category: choo a category from Joomla content

  • Template style: Tz _ Plazart - Default

Configurations in the blog layout

In the Blog layout tab, you can edit the number of leading articles and intro articles, as well as the number of columns.

  • Blog default: 1 leading article, 4 intro articles, and 2 columns

  • Blog list: 0 leading article, 6 intro articles, and 1 column

  • Blog grid: 0 leading article, 8 intro articles, and 2 columns

The number of leading articles, intro articles, and columns depends on the blog layout you're interested in.

Other blog options

In case you're in the need of enabling or disabling the title, category, author, create date, read more links, hits, and so on, just move to the "Options" tab to find options.

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